Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye is a very common problem and it occurs when your eyes do not produce enough moisture. However, if left untreated it can create several problems like blurred vision, redness, burning sensation, stringy mucous discharge, sensitivity to light and eye infection. Dry eye is one of the most common eye problems and it definitely deserves your attention and care.

Your precious eyes surely deserve prophylactic and curative care and that is why it is important to treat your eyes with the experts in dry eye treatment.


Our dry eyes specialist provides you with a complete evaluation of the eyes which helps our specialists in determining the exact cause of dry eye which eventually helps in providing you with the related treatment. We believe in providing you with services that not only help you in getting rid of dryness of the eyes but also help in better eye care.
Our specialists run a complete analysis of the fluid/tear production by the eye and design a perfect solution according to the severity of the problem. Through our customized services for dry eyes and latest eye technology, our specialist provides you with top-notch treatment. With thirteen years of experience in eye care, we always make sure to keep us updated and provide the latest dry eye treatments to our clients. We run a successful analysis on every client in order to determine the underlying cause of dry eyes and accordingly provide them services.
We take pride in providing and expanding our services in some of the major cities like Atlanta, Marietta,  Cobb County and Fulton County.

Dry Eye

Dry Eye Treatment

  • Dry Eye Consult $99
  • Lid cleaning & gland expression $75
  • Collagen Plugs $250